About us

JSC “MINSK KRISTALL” - “MINSK KRISTALL GROUP” holding management company is the largest producer of alcoholic beverages in the Republic of Belarus.

The trademark Kristall is a classic, recognized not only in Belarus, but also far abroad. Balsam “Belorussky”, nastoyka “Belovezhskaya”, classical vod­kas “Present” and “Belaya Rus Lux” and special vodkas “Kryshtal Belovezhskaya” and “Khlebnoe Vino” – this is the list of drinks, far from being complete, which were created as far back as in the last century, but are still popular, have genuine Belarusian color and are deser­vedly valued worldwide.

We are proud of our modern developments which much effort and time were put into, so that ultimately our main judge is a consumer which remains satisfied. The 2007 development having no analogs in the country — tequila“Pancho Alegre” — is a spectacular example how the first-class product may be affordable for all consumers. It is worth noting that, due to its ancient recipe in which rye crackers and artesian well water is used, vodka “Khlebnoe Vino” has been already the sales leader for several years not only among the Kristalls' products, but also among the alcoholic beverages of the Belarusian producers as a whole.

We may proudly state that modern Kristall is the brand. The special bottle, unified design line and pa­tented trademarks, all this undoubtedly contributes to mind share and 100% recognizability of our products.

While the years and decades are passing, the production is being advanced to higher levels and the style of operation is being improved, one thing remains unchanged — the highest quality of the products. In total the enterprise JSC “MINSK KRISTALL” - “MINSK KRISTALL GROUP” holding management company has more than 700 awards at different international and national exhibitions and contests, among which: 30 Grand prix, 17 Platinum Quality symbols, 227 gold awards, 128 silver, 52 bronze and 150 diplomas. The enterprise is the winner of the Premium of the Government of the Republic of Belarus in the field of quality. Also JSC “MINSK KRISTALL” - “MINSK KRISTALL GROUP” holding management company is awarded by Grand prix the “BRAND # 1” in the Republic of Belarus.

Priorities of the quality are connected with development and introduction of quality control system on the basis of international standards. Since 2000 JSC “MINSK KRISTALL” - “MINSK KRISTALL GROUP” holding management company works in accordance with the certificated system of a quality management (STB ISO 9001). In 2003 the enterprise has certificated in National system of acknowledgement of conformity of the Republic of Belarus the system of ecological management (STB ISO 14001), being the third enterprise in the republic, which has received the given certificate, and the first among the food-processing industry enterprises. In 2004 the control system of quality and safety of foodstuff on the basis of the analysis of risks and critical control points (system HACCP) was introduced and certificated at the enterprise. In 2008 - a control system of labor safety (STB 18001) was introduced. In 2009 the enterprise has received the certificate «Оrganic», confirming that production of vodkas and special vodkas at JSC “MINSK KRISTALL” - “MINSK KRISTALL GROUP” holding management company satisfy the requirements of European Legislation ЕU 2092/91.

But the main value of JSC “MINSK KRISTALL” - “MINSK KRISTALL GROUP” holding management company is people working at the enterprise and producing excellent products. I am sure that each person working in the com­pany is proud of being named "kristallovets" and given the consumers' requests, is committed to meet the imposed requirements of professionalism.

Always moving toward the progress and continuously striving for perfection, we do our best so that the Kristall trademark products please you.

General Director JSC “MINSK KRISTALL” - “MINSK KRISTALL GROUP” holding management company